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Episode 155 — The Siren’s Call

Episode 155 — The Siren’s Call

Everything old is new again.

We spend a couple hours discussing games that are maybe a bit long in the tooth. Do they hold up? Are their technologies still viable in this modern world?

We also talk about some new old music and old new whiskey.


00:09:47 — Caylus or Doing Taxes (Joe’s choice)
00:14:37 — Two Versions of Pax Pamir
00:23:25 — A Little Glen More off the Shelf
00:26:30 — Yinzi (first take)
00:40:36 — Q&A and Whiskey
01:11:05 — The Quiet of Night and High Lonesome Recollections: Western Stars, Bruce Springsteen
01:33:07 — Agricola (in-depth)
01:52:20 — Agricola: Farmers of the Moor (in-depth)


Episode 87 — Why Are You Honking In Front Of My House At 3 AM?

Episode 87 — Why Are You Honking In Front Of My House At 3 AM?

IsleSkyeScotland or Japan? It’s the question on everyone’s minds. Who’s minds, you ask? Where ya been? No one’s talking about Kardashians or Trumps or hunky Canadian dudes who somehow get to run countries where people eat poutine and slide rocks across frozen, swept water. Nope, it’s all about a place full of craggy rocks and craggy people vs. the land of Hello Kitty and Karaoke.

And like Chris Hardwick after The Walking Dead we’re here to talk you through it, to lend support as you try to sort out your feelings about those places and some games based on them. It’s a tough one, too. Do you lightly follow a path through the windswept shores, rocky hills, and green pastures on The Isle of Skye in search of sheep and fine whisky, or do you build and run factories in Nippon, spreading your goods, and ships and trains out across the whole of Japan? Who knows? We don’t, but were gonna talk about it anyway.


04:29 — Some Games We Encountered
13:30 — The Joy of Rockin’ Live
23:57 — Isle of Skye (in depth)
73:34 — Nippon (in depth)