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Episode 157 — Free, Easy, and Error Prone

Episode 157 — Free, Easy, and Error Prone

There is no particular order to the order in which we talk about games in this episode.

We have a free-wheelin’ conversation covering several games to kick things off and then go off on tangents for awhile before a couple deeper dives, including all the mistakes we made.

I mean, come on, who presents their mistakes as a feature of a game conversation? That’s just how we do I guess. Enjoy.


00:04:26 — Freewheelin’ Game Chatter
00:24:08 — A Wir Sind Das Volk Tournament update
00:29:43 — The Gen Con Non-Preview Segment featuring Pusher Joe. We’re Sorry.
00:58:24 — Birthday Gaming: Escape Plan (a five-player revelation)
01:17:48 — Aberlour 16 year old
01:25:38 — Downfall: Mistakes Were Made (in-depth, kinda)
02:12:00 — Retro Spins #1: Beth Orton’s Central Reservation
02:16:31 — Dark & Money Heist (sexy)




Episode 73 — The Chicago Manual of Voting

Episode 73 — The Chicago Manual of Voting

KraftwagenDespite this week’s title our episode is so Germanic that we might have been better off sipping some hefe-weizen rather than our drams of 18 year old Aberlour.

We open with an examination of a fan created copy of the German-only Kashgar and close with a look at making German autos with Kraftwagen. Many hard consonants and guttural utterings can be found in between, including talk about something called Kickstarter.

Wir Sind Das Podcast!!!

01:50 — Kashgar: Händler der Seidenstraße
28:22 — 3×1 results
34:30 — Kickstarter Follies
45:30 — Aberlour 18 year old
50:35 — Last week’s Secret Q: Our Response
65:00 — Secret Question #4
67:37 — Kamasi Washington, The Epic
72:45 — Kraftwagen

Episode 67 — These are the Times You’ll Remember When You’re Sleeping Under the Bridge

Episode 67 — These are the Times You’ll Remember When You’re Sleeping Under the Bridge

ZhanArborOh man, did we pack this show. We threw everything at this one. I even think I saw a kitchen sink fly by.

We give you a little something to drink, a little something to hear, something to watch, a couple things to play, stuff that went bad, annoying stuff, some water, oil, vinegar, dynamite: everything you love or hate about us is all here in this one.

Forgive us for we know not what we do.


01:37 — 3×3 Challenge Update (play along)
05:38 — We Don’t Just Go Along With the Crowd
07:48 — Aberlour A’Bunadh
15:10 — Courtney Barnett: Sometimes I Sit and Think . . . (review)
25:18 — Everybody Plays!!!
29:45 — The Proper Use of Facebook
30:33 — Daredevil
34:45 — Arboretum (review)
55:55 — When Things Went Bad (music edition)
58:10 — ZhanGuo (review)