Episode 144 — Mully Ully Gue Gets a Train

Episode 144 — Mully Ully Gue Gets a Train

With the December chill in full swing we need to get down with something hot, so we’re talking a couple new releases that were highly anticipated here in the dungeon. Could they live up to our expectations? Do they play? Do they have legs? Will our travels be rewarded?

The answers to those questions and much more can be heard in our latest episode. Have fun.


00:09:20 — Blood on the Ohio contest
00:13:03 — The Good, The Disappointing and the Frustrating
00:31:42 — The Republic of Rome
00:41:08 — 18Lilliput
01:08:39 — KeyForge
01:43:44 — Book Club #2: Beartown, by Frederik Backman

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