Episode 86 — Power Chords and Carburetor Dreams

Episode 86 — Power Chords and Carburetor Dreams

TnR_0001We’re spinning a few yarns in this week’s episode. Tales¬†of broken people and redemption. Opportunities both¬†taken and abandoned. A few laps around the track. Buttons pushed and games mashed.

A little of everything this week, and just a dram to take the edge off.


03:50 — BGGcon
09:57 — Panamax (Throwdown #1)
15:25 — New Games
27:05 — Automobiles (in-depth)
55:05 — Powers, Jophn’s Lane Release, aged 12 years
64:27 — Shearwater: Jet Plane and Oxbow
73:27 — All of My Favorite People are Broken (Michael McDermott, The Westies)
81:15 — Thrash’n Roll (in Depth – Throwdown #2)

3 thoughts on “Episode 86 — Power Chords and Carburetor Dreams

  1. Never mind — I see it now. For some reason I didn’t see it in the “Notation” section when I posted. I would suggest, though, that you repeat the name of the game during a discussion, and at the end. I’m probably not alone in having to pause a podcast and get back to it much later, so it’s nice when it’s easy to pick up the topic again!

    1. Yep, there are times when we forget to mention the name of the game enough. We’ll try harder. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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