Episode 47 — Four Coins in a Fountain

Episode 47 — Four Coins in a Fountain

Fire_in_the_Lake_0017You wanted it. We promised it. Then you waited for it. And now it is here! The COIN series comes to the Punching Cardboard Podcast. And this episode is so big that good ol’ T.C. returns to help carry the weight of this series.

We discuss some other games as well, and yeah, well, for the better part of an hour: COIN!!!


3:20 — Our never ending Kill Shakespeare update
8:03 — Our Machi Koro impressions
10:49 — What’s been on our tables
11:30 — Panamax 1st impression
16:32 — Munchkin Deluxe? not really
17:20 — Segue
19:08 — A little Cosmic Encounter
20:05 — How to Concentrate in Vinhos
22:25 — COIN series featuring Fire in the Lake

One thought on “Episode 47 — Four Coins in a Fountain

  1. I remember playing Andean Abyss with TC and I’m pretty sure I got hosed in that game, but I admit it was enjoyable. I’m curious about the whole COIN series, but as you guys said, there have to be people who really want to play to have some fun. While I love to play solo, I think it would be more fun to play with others interested in playing.

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