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Episode 115 — The Dynamic Range of Human Disaster

Episode 115 — The Dynamic Range of Human Disaster

Okay kids, I think this is a good one. A little giddiness, a little edginess. Three game session reports that press our buttons and invite some good critical analysis. Add in two albums that we’ve been waiting to sink our teeth into and it’s easy for us to raise this discussion to 11. Enjoy the show.


00:14:15 — Sidereal Confluence (First Take – Session Report)
00:54:12 — The Godfather (First Take)
01:10:30 — Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey
01:13:15 — Music (Steven Wilson – To The Bone; The War on Drugs — A Deeper Understanding)
01:47:39 — Mythotopia (The Showdown)

Episode 57 — Mythical Creatures Eat Our Lunch.

Episode 57 — Mythical Creatures Eat Our Lunch.

scoville_0100We spend a lovely day out on the farm, wandering the fields and picking packs of yellow, red, blue, green orange, black, white, brown, some clear glittery, and (I won’t alliterate anymore) peppers. We’re in Scoville, USA and we’re making chili.

We also talk the best music from 2014, our Kickstarter habits, game addiction, and upcoming cons. Uh-oh, Eric’s eyes are watering. He must have forgotten to wash his hands after handling his peppers.


06:18 — Big Box Mania
07:35 — Ardbeg: Build Your Collection
08:14 — Technology Moves Ahead
10:06 — Top 5¬†Albums of 2014
20:49 — Gen Con and Other Possibilities
24:40 — Eric Does Orleans
26:30 — Addiction Trumps Virus
29:20 — All Our Kickstarters
34:46 — Scoville (review)