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Episode 166 — Checking it Twice

Episode 166 — Checking it Twice

Another Year gone by and it’s time for the lists to come out. These are the things that moved us in 2019. How do your experiences compare?

Grab a holiday cocktail, relax, and enjoy.


00:09:41 — TV & Visual Entertainment (Spoilers and Rants)
00:25:36 — Video / Computer Games
00:30:56 — Board Games
01:32:23 — Music
02:52:50 — Whiskey & Whisky
02:57:50 — Books



Episode 154 — I Got a Lot of Problems With You People

Episode 154 — I Got a Lot of Problems With You People

Not you people. Not you, the listeners. But when you put 9 people in a house for a week things can get lively. I wonder why they’ve never made a TV show about this.

So here’s what we recall of our annual trip to Colorado, at least the games portion of it. Lots of games


00:03:46 — A Festivus of Thank Yous
00:17:25 — Safe Travels
00:24:56 — Condottiere (session strategies)
00:34:47 — Carolvs Magnvs (first take)
00:43:20 — El Grande (in-depth)
01:03:23 — Roll For the Galaxay: Rivalry (first take)
01:16:07 — Macallan Edition 3
01:24:20 — The Dream Syndicate, These Times
01:31:54 — Sidereal Confluence (in-depth)
02:02:36 — Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland, Patrick Radden Keefe


Episode 5 — 10 Times 10 Plus 1 Equals 22

Episode 5 — 10 Times 10 Plus 1 Equals 22


It’s that time of year.  Top 10 lists abound.  People pontificate. This is better than that and that is nowhere near as good as the other, all in order, from 1 – 10.

We decide that we too can count to ten, and make lists, but we like to be different.

So, our New Year’s Eve episode sees us taking on BGG contributor Sarah Reed’s challenge of playing 10 games 10 times each in 2014. We make individual lists (because it’s a list episode, and well, it’s just the thing to do) and then compare them in an utterly thrilling manner.

Unable to leave well enough alone, we add a special Punching Cardboard rule to the madness and count to 11. It all results in a what seems to be a very logical commitment: we decide to play our games.

Find our lists on our 10 x 10 page.  Feel Free to post your own 10 x 10 list in the comments section, and add a game from any other list for your plus one.

Here’s  the link to Sarah Reed’s Challenge on Board Game Geek: