Episode 3 – Trains vs. Bruges: Oh It’s On!


Do you like deck builders or point salad games?

We take a look at two of this year’s filler games that have a little more fullness than a filler.  As the argument develops as to which of these games is deserving of your time and money, we also try to determine whether or not each of these games should be classified as filler.

We might even come up with a new term while we’re at it.


Episode 1 — Francis Drake and the Opening Day Jitters

FDrakeIn our first episode we discuss the merits of the Peter Hawes designed Francis Drake. We take a look at the stellar components and discuss the trend toward higher quality swag in current board games. Has anyone else noticed that the price of admission has also increased?

We stumble around a bit as well, being that it’s our first cast and all.