Episode 86 — Power Chords and Carburetor Dreams

TnR_0001We’re spinning a few yarns in this week’s episode. Tales¬†of broken people and redemption. Opportunities both¬†taken and abandoned. A few laps around the track. Buttons pushed and games mashed.

A little of everything this week, and just a dram to take the edge off.


03:50 — BGGcon
09:57 — Panamax (Throwdown #1)
15:25 — New Games
27:05 — Automobiles (in-depth)
55:05 — Powers, Jophn’s Lane Release, aged 12 years
64:27 — Shearwater: Jet Plane and Oxbow
73:27 — All of My Favorite People are Broken (Michael McDermott, The Westies)
81:15 — Thrash’n Roll (in Depth – Throwdown #2)



  1. RP says:

    you went on a long time about that game at the end … what was the _title_?

  2. RP says:

    Never mind — I see it now. For some reason I didn’t see it in the “Notation” section when I posted. I would suggest, though, that you repeat the name of the game during a discussion, and at the end. I’m probably not alone in having to pause a podcast and get back to it much later, so it’s nice when it’s easy to pick up the topic again!

    1. Jim says:

      Yep, there are times when we forget to mention the name of the game enough. We’ll try harder. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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