Episode 82 — The Synesthete’s Guide to Tasting Purple

FCM_0001It’s Splotter time on the old podcast. We’ve been spending quite a bit of time organizing and reorganizing our fledgling food empires and we’re taking a little coffee break so we can tell you how it’s all going. Join us and find out if schlepping drinks and flipping burgers is more fun than you remember.


07:47 — 2015 World Whiskey of the Year: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye
17:43 — Neanderthal, et al.
21:10 — Food Chain Magnate (in-depth review)
77:03 — Music (Samantha Crain, City and Colour, Joanna Newsom)
85:40 — The Gallerist Postponed (we need another hour on this one)


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