Episode 81 — Eating Cake in Bellevue (Part B, the Second)

Nippon_0001And as promised, part two of our Essen games extravaganza; AKA, the good stuff. Nothing more to say than listen in and hold on to your wallets.


01:03 — The Bloody Inn
08:05 — Grand Austria Hotel
16:53 — 504
21:28 — Shakespeare
31:33 — Food Chain Magnate
45:42 — Bretagne
60:55 — Lignum
80:18 — Nippon



  1. ECharles says:

    Great show, guys. Anyone play Signorie or hear any feedback on it?

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you. We attempted Signorie very late one night and struggled, packing it in after two rounds. Didn’t seem overly complicated, but did seem a little fiddly. It wasn’t one of the games people we’re talking about, either good or bad. We do still want to play a game of it.

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