Episode 54 — Meta Stable States of Positivity Loops and Other Feedback

lagoonHello and welcome to 2015, Punching Cardboard style! Well, an approximation of our style as we are admittedly a little off our game after this holiday break. I mean, we’re hustling all over the place, trying to make the plays, but it’s like the ball’s taking funny hops or something.

Anyway, forgive the extra long rules explanations as we delve into a couple of mid-weight, short-playing games: Akrotiri and Lagoon: Land of Druids.


02:40 — Redbreast 15 Year-old Irish Pure Pot Still
08:48 — Game Trayz
18:00 — Akrotiri (review)
53:00 — We Will Play Kill Shakespeare and Other Tales
59:35 — Lagoon: Land of Druids (review)



  1. […] our first podcast review of Akrotiri, from the fine fellows at Punching Cardboard. The rules explanation starts at the 18 […]

  2. Steve PP says:

    Enjoyed your review of Akrotiri.
    Here’s what it means;

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