Episode 34 — Turning Left Never Felt So Right

Episode 34 — Turning Left Never Felt So Right


We could care less about NASCAR, or Indy car, or Motorcross, or F1, or any other type of real world contest where people climb into or on machines and go fast, and yet here we are looking at a game that just might be the first legitimate contender for the best game of 2014.

There is nothing overly complex or unique about Thunder Alley; however, it’s card driven mechanics and bring the field with you strategies result in an experience that’s just fun. Simple fun.  Oh, and it’s exciting too.

Step inside, we’ll tell you more.

2 thoughts on “Episode 34 — Turning Left Never Felt So Right

  1. Enjoyed your podcast, and really love this game. I’m completely with you that this game is just pure fun.

    But, I wanted to point out one mistake you made, to help with future games. For Turn Led tokens, you only get 1 point per car with a token, regardless of how many they have. So, if you have a car with 5 tokens, and a car with 2 tokens, you get two points in final scoring.

    The only thing the extra tokens get you is the Most Laps Led bonus at the end of the game, which is worth an extra point.

    Thanks again for the review.

    1. Thanks Craig, glad you enjoyed the podcast. And you are correct about the turn lap points. We realized this the night after recording the podcast in a 7 player game when another person who owned the game pointed it out. 34 episodes before our first mistake is pretty good though, right? 😉 Yeah, I’m sure we’ve made plenty other mistakes. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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