Episode 18 — Ralph is a Very Common Name for a Dragon

runewars-estandartes-de-guerra-expansión-juego-de-mesa--600x600Let me just say this: It’s just not nice to kill somebody’s dragon before he’s had any time to get to know that dragon.  Giants, go for it, but leave the poor dragon alone.

We play a couple rounds of Rune Wars and a few other American style games, and we survive to tell the tale.  We also go off to war in Kemet’s version of ancient Egypt.

Unfortunately someone didn’t let Ralph live long enough to tell any tales. Mean. Just plain mean.


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  1. “The Rahdo/Kristin Variant”…I think there might be a few other backer names I’d need to include in that title if I included everyone who liked Rahdo’s idea! 🙂

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