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Month: March 2015

Episode 65 — A Mighty Wind (Our Gamestorm Finale)

Episode 65 — A Mighty Wind (Our Gamestorm Finale)

gamestormOur second and final installment from our live Gamestorm sessions. Recorded first on the day, but a very difficult edit deems it airs last. A number of creative people grace the microphones, and we are joined by Jason Hancock of The Docking Bay 94: The Game Reviewers podcast in this joint effort. Film, fiction and gaming all feature here, with a special discussion of the new game March of the Ants.

For those who’re looking for our regular programming, we hope you enjoy this diversion. And never fear, our regularly scheduled programming will return in Episode 66.


07:08 — J. R. Ralls (Citizen George) & Robert LaCosse
12:48 — Knob Creek
19:00 — Rhiannon Louve
25:16 — Michael Mindes (TMG Games)
35:44 — “Lindsey Stirling is so awesome!”
45:38 — Dave Howell (Penny Gems)
55:30 — Tim Eisner & Ryan Sisher (March of the Ants), Special Interviewer: Kate Reid
70:50 — The Mindes Returns

Episode 64 — The Two Mikes, Live From Gamestorm

Episode 64 — The Two Mikes, Live From Gamestorm


Welcome to our first remote broadcast, recorded live at Gamestorm in Vancouver Washington, Saturday, the 21st of March. This is a loose affair featuring two very witty guests, Mike Selinker (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and many others) and Michael Mindes (Owner of Tasty Minstrel Games).

After a false start, we get the buttons pushed correctly and the levels set as best we can, and we settle in to a lively conversation of many things board games and some things not. There’s a fair bit of chatter in the background as this was recorded in the midst of a reception, but if you pretend you pulled up a bar stool and were eavesdropping on a fun exchange, then all will be well. We hope you can all hear how much fun we are having. This was a blast.

Episode 63 — Peaty Spells and Slapping Applesauce.

Episode 63 — Peaty Spells and Slapping Applesauce.

20150227_165914We’re smoking peat, greasing wheels, shooting sparks, and slapping applesauce in episode 63. We begin slowly and end with a beginning, all out-takes included. The whisky’s a little smoky and the language a little salty, but we get our kicks in this one. All that and some serious examination of a couple of heavyweight games. Please enjoy responsibly.


02:00 — Peat Monster!
10:30 — Hand. Cannot. Erase. (Steven Wilson)
17:25 — Bono Feld
19:05 — Kanban (revisited in full)
51:15 — Oh So Heavy???
58:00 — A Baseball Highlights Afternoon Special.
61:30 — Argent: The Consortium (pre-review. to be revisited)
104:50 — To Begin at the Beginning (Schedules, Gamestorm, Brian DePalma, Minecraft, Requests, Pics, and etc).

Episode 62 — A New Game That I Didn’t Put on the Table

Episode 62 — A New Game That I Didn’t Put on the Table

SuperMotherload_0001Welcome to the quiet little village of Episode 62. Here, at the local pub you can enjoy a fine dram of single malt whisky, prepared with loving care by the town vicar, whilst listening to the locals spin tales of their mining exploits on Mars. What more could you ask for?


01:15 — Cthulhu Approved Whisky: HP, Dark Origins
09:50 — Old Fun February: Fail
23:02 — Evil Tower of Cubes
31:12 — Super Motherload (review)
58:55 — Gamestorm Plans?????