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Month: October 2014

Episode 46 — Card Drafting and Other Mishaps

Episode 46 — Card Drafting and Other Mishaps

Red7-1We spend some time with some lighter fare and end up running all over the place in this episode. Kickstarters delivered late. Over-priced games. Greed. Greed. Sushi Go wrongly compared with 7 Wonders (I mean, come on!). Games where red cards win. More 7s. Games with shoddy components. Etc.


9:05 — quick take on Trains: Rising Sun
10:52 — IDW bungles Kill Shakespeare
21:50 — Greed (Queen games bungles)
33:50 — Card Drafting (7 Wonders, Seasons, etc.)
50:57 — Red7
52:20 — She didn’t realize it was Carl Chudyk
54:34 — Back to Red7

Episode 45 — All The Pretty Shiny Things

Episode 45 — All The Pretty Shiny Things

ArkwrightWith Essen 2014 in the rear view mirror we take a look at the games we will be pursuing. Two lists, five items on each, 10 games that at least one of us will own even if home equity lines of credit are needed.

And then there are all the games that didn’t make our lists that we’re just not gonna buy. Nope, no way, no chance, only in an emergency, only if they look really great, or good, or at least appear in some physical form at our friendly local game store. But truly, other than that . . . .


2:18 — Lagoon 1st Impression
5:30 — Essen post-view
6:40 — Deus
12:00 — Wir Sind Das Volk (We are the People)
15:45 — Samurai Spirit
20:25 — Kanban: Automotive Revolution
26:28 — Aquasphere
32:15 — Arkwright
39:09 — Mythotopia
44:20 — Colt Express
51:20 — Greenland
64:32 — The Castles of Mad King Ludwig
68:58 — Notables from our long lists

Episode 44 — What’s 14 Hours Among Friends?

Episode 44 — What’s 14 Hours Among Friends?

DeadofWinter-Welcome to episode 44, the episode in which we were going to discuss GMT’s Fire in the Lake.  Yup, we’re all set to get that one on tape, but circustances continue to prove they are far from within our control as Eric is stranded at work, and even though we’ve recruited our friend T.C. to join the fun, we are unable to get things rolling.

Plan B. Guest host? check. Other games to chat about? check. Electricity? check. Single malt whisky? check. Alrighty then, Fire in the Lake and COIN to be pushed back again. Fire up the chatter about Ars Victor, Dead of Winter and Here I Stand. Enjoy.


07:47 — Kickstarted games update
11:00 — Ars Victor
23:33 — Dead of Winter
42:15 — Here I Stand

Episode 43 — Review, Doom and Charity

Episode 43 — Review, Doom and Charity

Euphoria_0002Before we get to the games on the table this week we want to take a moment to let you know that from October 1st through October 8th we will be proud participants in the 2014 Stonemaier Charity Auction. Stonemaier Games will be auctioning off nine supreme copies of Euphoria, including extra bells and whistles like Game Trayz inserts, pairing each game with a different blogger/podcaster.

Each blogcaster will be choosing a charity which will receive at least 50% of the amount bid for that particular copy. The blogcaster with the largest amount bid will see the entire amount sent to it’s charity. The Charity we have chosen is the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to ease suffering caused by mental illness, helping many who have fallen between the cracks. We encourage you to bid on this lovely game and support this work.

The auction link should be live sometime on October 1st. We have much more information about this on the podcast, and you can click the links above (or below) to find out even more. And keep an eye out for tweets to keep you updated as the week progresses.

We also get to some games, taking a first look at Spanish farming in La Granja and a full look at gun-fighting in the Doomtown corral. And we even discuss the reviewing of games in general, something sparked by recent reviews of a Kicstarter game called Lagoon. Follow the timeline below for all the goodness.

1:55 — Stonemaier Charity Auction
10:40 — La Granja
31:20 — Review Fight!
50:45 — Doomtown: Reloaded

Charity Links: